AWS system manager (SSM) enables vscode ssh remoting to an EC2 in a private subnet, or a public EC2 without opening port 22.

  • Setup a connection to a private EC2 via SSM
  • CloudWatch to stop EC2 after 30 minutes idle
  • Setup vscode ssh remote to the EC2 via proxyCommand
  • Create the infrastructure by a CDK stack
Remote EC2 via SSM


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CDK stack#

create a VPC with a S3 VPC endpoint

const vpc = new aws_ec2.Vpc(this, 'VpcWithS3Endpoint', {
gatewayEndpoints: {
S3: {
service: aws_ec2.GatewayVpcEndpointAwsService.S3

add system manager VPC interface endpoint

vpc.addInterfaceEndpoint('VpcIterfaceEndpointSSM', {
service: aws_ec2.InterfaceVpcEndpointAwsService.SSM

create an IAM role for the EC2

const role = new aws_iam.Role(this, 'RoleForEc2ToAccessS3', {
roleName: 'RoleForEc2ToAccessS3',
assumedBy: new aws_iam.ServicePrincipal('')

role for EC2 to communicate with SSM


policy for EC2 to access S3

new aws_iam.Policy(this, 'PolicyForEc2AccessS3', {
policyName: 'PolicyForEc2AccessS3',
statements: [
new aws_iam.PolicyStatement({
actions: ['s3:*'],
resources: ['*']

launch an EC2 in a private subnet

const ec2 = new aws_ec2.Instance(this, 'Ec2ConnectVpcEndpointS3', {
role: role,
keyName: 'hai_ec2_t4g_large',
vpc: vpc,
instanceName: 'Ec2ConnectVpcEndpointS3',
instanceType: aws_ec2.InstanceType.of(
machineImage: aws_ec2.MachineImage.latestAmazonLinux(),
securityGroup: sg,
vpcSubnets: {
subnetType: aws_ec2.SubnetType.PRIVATE

Install ssm plugin for local#

follow this to install ssm plugin for the local machine

start a ssm session from the local machine

aws ssm start-session --target "EC2-INSTANCE-ID"

Configure ssh for local#

follow this to install ssh remote extension for vscode

generate SSH key pair from the local machine

ssh-keygen -b 4096 -C 'VS Code Remote SSH user' -t rsa

then copy and append the public key to ec2 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

configure the ~/.ssh/config file

Host ssm-private-ec2
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
HostName i-026bb5f5caaf16aa1
User ec2-user
ProxyCommand sh -c "~/.ssh/ %h %p"

create a file

# Arguments passed from SSH client
echo $HOST
# Start ssm session
aws ssm start-session --target $HOST \
--document-name AWS-StartSSHSession \
--parameters portNumber=${PORT} \
--profile ${AWS_PROFILE} \
--region ${AWS_REGION}

vscode will create a ssh connection to the EC2 via the ProxyCommand script which creates a SSM session under the hood. This is the way vscode ssh remote with cloud9 works

Configure vscode#

keep alive settings.json

"remote.SSH.connectTimeout": 60


executable the ssh-proxy.ssh file

chmod +rwx

reset ssh server in ec2

sudo systemctl restart sshd.service