According to AWS Graviton2 the Arm Graviton provides 34% better price performance than X86. In some sense, it runs faster 34% compared with X86. So I do a small experiment to check this. AWS CDK and CodeBuild with Arm based instance makes it easy to setup. So the Graviton does run about 30% faster than X86. GitHub

  • Runtime Python 3.8
  • Numpy 1.22.1
  • Lambda memory 2048MB
  • Lambda timeout 10 seconds
  • Github

CDK Pipeline#

CDK make it very friendly to build this pipeline, feeling like pure programming infrastructure. 156108554-8f6f728f-cf18-4a08-b0df-2d9773e860aa

Running time for Fibonaci#

def recur_fibo(n):
if n <= 1:
return n
return(recur_fibo(n-1) + recur_fibo(n-2))

n = 30 used for testing. 123456

Running time for FFT single thread#

data = np.random.rand(8192, 8192)
np.fft.fft(data, (axis = 0))


Running time for FFT multi-thread (Lambda memory 10240MB)#

data = [np.random.rand(8192, 2048) for k in range(4)]
with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_worker=4) as executor:
for x in data:
executor.submit(np.fft.fft, x, axis=0)