GitHub shows a decouple architecture by using aws sqs. There are cases: a) lambda takes more than 29 seconds to process a heavy task b) high number of requests comming at the api gateway, and sqs can help to decouple the requests and the processing.

Async Invoke Lambda with Api Gateway and SQS


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API gateway integerates with SQS queue via aws_apigateway.AwsIntegration class and API Gateway need a role or granted to write messages to the queue. Note After the message successuflly processed by the lambda, need to return statusCode: 200 to the SQS queue, so the queue will delete the processed message. Fail/exception messages will be put in a dead letter queue (DLQ)

Role to enable API Gateway writting messages to the SQS queue#

const role = new aws_iam.Role(this, 'apiGatewayWriteToSqsRole', {
assumedBy: new aws_iam.ServicePrincipal('')
new aws_iam.Policy(this, 'writeToSqsPolicy', {
statements: [
new aws_iam.PolicyStatement({
effect: aws_iam.Effect.ALLOW,
actions: ['sqs:SendMessage'],
resources: [queue.queueArn]

API Gateway#

const api_gw = new aws_apigateway.RestApi(this, 'apiGatewaySqsDemo', {
restApiName: 'api-gateway-sqs-demo'

API Gateway integration with SQS queue

const integration = new aws_apigateway.AwsIntegration({
service: 'sqs',
path: 'sqsQueueApiGatewayDemo',
integrationHttpMethod: 'POST',
options: {
credentialsRole: role,
requestParameters: {
'integration.request.header.Content-Type': `'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'`
requestTemplates: {
'application/json': `Action=SendMessage&MessageBody=$util.urlEncode("$method.request.querystring.message")`
integrationResponses: [
statusCode: '200',
responseTemplates: {
'application/json': `{'done': true}`

API Gateway resource or path

const resource = api_gw.root.addResource('queue')

API Gateway add method

resource.addMethod('GET', integration, {
methodResponses: [{ statusCode: '200' }]

Lambda function to process messages from the queue#

create a Lambda function

const fn = new aws_lambda.Function(this, 'lambdaConsumeSqsMessageDemo', {
runtime: aws_lambda.Runtime.PYTHON_3_8,
code: aws_lambda.Code.fromAsset(path.join(__dirname, 'lambda')),
handler: 'index.handler'

lambda resource event to trigger lambda by the queue

new SqsEventSource(queue, {
batchSize: 1,
maxBatchingWindow: Duration.minutes(1),
reportBatchItemFailures: true

grant lambda to publish messages to a SNS topic

// existing topic
const topic = aws_sns.Topic.fromTopicArn(
// grant publish to lambda